DUG Eagle Ford
AUG. 29-31, 2017
San Antonio, Texas
Henry B. Gonzalez Conv. Ctr.
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2011 DUG Eagle Ford Conference

See below for the 2011 workshop and conference agendas. To download a presentation, click the speaker’s name and enter the username and password you received via email following the event. Your log-in credentials are only applicable to this conference and may only be used by registered attendees.

2011 Drilling Workshop

October 10, 2011

Panel: A Question of Supply (10:20am)
Rigs, downhole tools, pumping equipment, water, and experienced personnel play a vital role in developing the Eagle Ford play. Supplying these items to the field can be a challenge for both operators and service companies. Understanding the potential for shortages, bottlenecks, and possible surpluses is the first step to organizing a successful development strategy.

  • Critical Factors for Driving Drilling Efficiencies in Shale
    James Bement, Vice President, Sperry Drilling, Halliburton - Presentation not available

  • Water Uses and Constraints in the Eagle Ford Play
    Darrell Brownlow, Member, South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Group, Member ANGA - Presentation not available

  • Manpower and Talent: Innovative Approaches to Managing and Training
    Jonathan Foytlin, Senior Drilling Engineer, Swift Energy Co.

Panel: Collapsing Cycle Time: Strategies for Trimming Spud-to-First Sales Days (1:00pm)
Batch drilling, pad drilling, and improved rig technology have a specific impact on collapsing cycle times between spud drilling and delivering gas. Both operating and service companies provide unique insights on specific strategies on shortening the drilling and completion cycle while maintaining high levels of efficiency.

  • NOV Integrated Drilling Intelligence - A Holistic Approach to Drilling Optimization
    Paul Mackinnon, Western Hemisphere Business Development Manager, Drilling Solutions, NOV ReedHycalog

  • Ray Pereira, VP Sales, N. America, Drillmec Inc

  • Scott Rovira, Drilling Operations Manager, Anadarko

Panel: Designing the Optimum Eagle Ford Completion (3:15pm)
Eagle Ford completions involve multi-stage fracturing, and the right completions can boost rates and improve ultimate recoveries. The interplay among completion methods, stage lengths, perf locations and spacings, injection rates and proppant concentrations is critical to success. Also crucial to this region are the current advances in water technology. Knowing the proper balance between industrial reuse and conservation can enhance overall operations.

  • Fracwater Recycling in the Eagle Ford: An Environmental Solution with Economic Benefits
    Bryon J. Tarbet, Ph.D., VP Chemistry and Technology, Water Rescue Services

  • Open Hole or Cased Hole? Strengths and Drawbacks of Each
    Dick Ghiselin, P.E., Senior Consultant, Qittitut Consulting LLC

  • Mike Loayza, Completions Manager, Eagle Ford, BHP Billiton Petrohawk - Presentation not available

2011 Midstream Workshop

October 10, 2011

Overview of Eagle Ford Midstream Sector
Midstream operators are expanding systems and building new pathways to get valuable gas and liquids to market. Producers, processors and pipelines are spending capital to find solutions. This overview looks at the current state of the sector in the Eagle Ford play.

Pipelines In The Eagle Ford
Operators plan a multitude of pipeline and gas-processing projects in the Btu-rich play. Here, a panel of three industry leaders discusses the region’s current and future infrastructure.

Operator Spotlight
Infrastructure shortages, challenges and solutions

The Anatomy of a Deal
Upstream Eagle Ford activity is driving formations of new midstream companies. Most recently, Crosstex Energy LP and Quanta Services Inc. formed Howard Energy with assets from Texas Pipeline and Bottom Line Services. Here’s how the deal went down.

Gathering, Processing, Storage and Transport Strategies
From gathering to storage and beyond, Eagle Ford infrastructure is growing to meet heavy demand by both producers and markets. Here, three operators discuss current and future plans for growth.

2011 Conference, Day 1

October 11, 2011

Opening Keynote
Swift Energy has a long history in South Texas, drilling in many of the region's‚ prolific reservoirs. Today, Swift holds 78,000 net acres in the Eagle Ford fairway, and is active in McMullen, LaSalle, and Webb counties.

Eagle Ford Rock Talk: Geology and Geophysics Panel
The Eagle Ford is a marvelous source/reservoir rock, rich in total organic carbon. It's also chock full of carbonates, which makes it amenable to hydraulic fracturing. Thanks to steep dips, the rock transitions quickly through the oil, wet gas and dry gas windows, offering a variety of targets to eager operators.

  • Bruce A. Matsutsuyu, VP of Exploration and Development, Momentum Oil & Gas LLC

  • Peter Duncan, President, Microseismic Inc

  • Galen E. Treadgold, VP, Global Geophysical Services - Presentation not available

  • Dr. Norman Warpinski, Director of Technology, Pinnacle - A Halliburton Service

Operator Spotlight: The Oil Window
The Eagle Ford has the potential to make a measurable contribution to the nation's oil production.

From Acreage to Drill Bits: Analyzing the Activity
In the second quarter of 2010, 46 rigs were working in the Eagle Ford. By May 2011, the total had rocketed to 134 rigs. Most all valuable acreage has been leased, especially in the core area, but large acreage positions will begin expiring during the next two years.

  • Michael Hall, Director and Senior E&P Analyst, Wells Fargo Securities - Presentation not available

  • Glenn D. Hart, President and CEO, Laredo Energy

Featuring Key Note Speaker Former Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert M. Gates
Dr. Robert M. Gates served as the 22nd Secretary of Defense (2006-2011) and is the only Secretary of Defense in U.S. history asked to remain in office by a newly-elected President. President Barack Obama is the eighth president Dr. Gates has served. On his last day in office, Dr. Gates was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian honor.

Taking the Eagle Ford to Market: Midstream Panel
Midstream companies plan some 2.4 Bcf a day of new gathering and transmission lines, 350,000 barrels a day of fractionation and almost 600,000 barrels a day of oil takeaway capacity for the Eagle Ford by year-end 2012.

  • Steve Jacobs, President, Harvest Pipeline

  • Keith Crawford, Regional VP, South Texas and Mid Continent, Regency Energy Partners

  • Surface Transportation Take Away
    Greg Haas, Research Analyst, Hart Energy

Operator Spotlight
Rosetta transformed itself by divesting legacy assets to invest more in the Eagle Ford. Now it has 65,000 net acres in this play and 6-10 years of potential remaining inventory.

Operator Spotlight: Eagle Ford in Louisiana
Indigo began pursuing this new oil-shale play in mid-2008 and has accumulated over 240,000 net acres of leasehold and mineral fee in central Louisiana, prospective for the Louisiana Eagle Ford.

Buying In: A&D Metrics and Trends Panel
The oil condensate window of the Eagle Ford shale has commanded up to $10,000 an acre, indicating it has become one of the most sought-after plays in the U.S. How hard is it to gain a foothold in this amazing area and what can a buyer expect?

  • Bob Thomas, Partner, Porter Hedges

  • William A. Marko, Managing Director, Energy Investment Banking, Jefferies & Company, Inc.

  • Jon Goddard, SVP, A&D Global Oil & Gas Group, Macquarie Tristone

Closing Keynote
Petrohawk brought the Eagle Ford into the limelight with its discovery of Hawkville Field in late 2008. Today the company continues to lead Eagle Ford activity on its 340,000 acres of leases, particularly on its liquids-rich Black Hawk project.

  • Richard K. Stoneburner, President and COO, BHP Billiton Petrohawk - Presentation not available

2011 Conference, Day 2

October 12, 2011

Opening Keynote
What Shales Mean to the U.S. and How the Lone Star State Leads

  • Elizabeth Ames Jones, Chairman, Texas Railroad Commission - Presentation not available

Operator Spotlight: South Texas, A New Look
Companies probing the rich trove of objectives in South Texas with state-of-the-art technologies are finding some interesting results.

Operator Spotlight
Newfield continues to explore its 335,000-net-acre position in the Maverick Basin. In addition to the Eagle Ford shale, it is drilling the Georgetown and Pearsall shale formations.

Spotlight on Technology: The Operator's Perspective
While the Eagle Ford shale is fairly young in its development phase, it has experienced many technological advances as operators have marked their ground through the rapidly paced learning curve. In this session, several operating companies will give an in-depth overview of Eagle Ford development and the technologies that have had the greatest impact on its overall success.

  • Mark Sundland, Drilling Engineering Manager, Anadarko

  • Erik Bartsch, Exploration and Appraisal Manager, Gulf Coast and Mid Continent, Shell E&P Co. - Presentation not available

  • Kevin Schepel, VP of E&P, ZaZa Energy

  • Jeff Brienen, Manager, Completion Engineering, Development and Production, N. America Statoil

Closing Keynote
Marathon recently announced a $3.5 billion agreement with Hilcorp Resources Holdings to purchase assets in the Eagle Ford shale formation. In addition to the six rigs currently under contract related to this acquisition and two others in Marathon's other Eagle Ford acreage, Marathon has five drilling rigs on order and expects to be operating at least 20 drilling rigs in the Eagle Ford.