DUG Eagle Ford
SEPT. 12-14, 2016
San Antonio, Texas
Henry B. Gonzalez Conv. Ctr.
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Conference Agenda

Monday, September 12

5:00 pm

Opening Reception

Tuesday, September 13

7:30 am

Registration Open – Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

8:30 am

Welcome & Opening Remarks

8:35 am

Opening Keynote: The Eagle Ford Advantage

The Eagle Ford struggled to retain rigs as commodity prices collapsed, but the premier play has found its footing. Lower per-well costs and higher productivities have made certain areas solidly attractive. Hear from this leading operator about its current activities and future plans in the Eagle Ford.

9:00 am

Panel: Capital, Credit & Cash Flow

The initial shock of the oil price drop is well past, and lower for longer is our current reality. Banks have tightened their covenants and RBL has shrunk; credit is hard to come by. Operators are focused on keeping production flat with the smallest amount of investment possible as they strive to stay cash-flow neutral. What are the new economics of the Eagle Ford? How are companies financing their activities? What is happening in the A&D space?

  • Mark Sooby, Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

10:00 am

Networking Break

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10:40 am

Technical Spotlight: The DUC Walk

How many DUC wells are there in the Eagle Ford play? Are there wellbore integrity issues as DUC wells are left uncompleted over time? How rapidly can the service side gear up if capital budgets increase and lots of DUCs are being completed? Learn the answers to these questions and more from this expert.

  • William D. Von Gonten, Jr., President, W.D. Von Gonten & Co.

11:00 am

Operator Spotlight: Focus On Capital Efficiency

Sanchez Energy has accumulated 200,000 net acres in the Eagle Ford play, on which it has proved up some 2,900 net locations. The company emphasizes capital efficiency, and has driven costs down to levels that allow it to deliver superior returns even in the current range of commodity prices.

11:20 am

Roundtable: Private Equity’s Appetite For South Texas

Private equity providers are enamored with the Permian Basin, but the Eagle Ford still has its charms. This panel of experts discusses the opportunities and challenges in South Texas.

12:00 pm

Networking Lunch

2:00 pm

Panel: Mexico's Promise

A burgeoning market for natural gas is springing up in Mexico, and Eagle Ford operators and midstreamers are well positioned to help satisfy the demand. This panel examines the business landscape in Mexico.

  • Glenn Hart, President and CEO, Laredo Energy
  • Beatriz Camarena Maney, Principal of Clearinghouse International, Co-Founder of OFSCap, and VP of the Finance and Energy Committee at the AEM Asociacion de Empresarios Mexicanos

3:00 pm

Operator Spotlight: Urban Drilling

Portions of the Eagle Ford play have moved into more populated areas, even to within city limits. Learn how this operator is handling the issues of close-by neighbors.

3:20 pm

Networking Break

4:00 pm

Panel: Stalking The Chalk

There is significant excitement around recent announcements of good results in the venerable Austin Chalk reservoir. Today the play has been reborn as an unconventional target, much different from the Austin Chalk of years past.

5:00 pm

Networking Reception

Wednesday, September 14

7:30 am

Registration Opens – Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

8:30 am

Welcome & Opening Remarks

8:35 am

Panel: Private Operators Speak

These private firms have planted their flags in the Eagle Ford in South Texas and East Texas. Learn how they and their investors view the Eagle Ford and Austin Chalk plays, and how they are moving forward on exploration and development.

9:40 am

Technical Spotlight: EOR Advances

Enhanced oil recovery technologies such as cyclic wet-gas injection could be the next big push in unconventionals. This expert discusses what has been tried to date, where pilots are under way, and the exciting possibilities this technology holds.

10:00 am

Networking Brunch

10:40 am

Technical Roundtable: Water Handling

Procurement and disposal of water are key issues in the arid geography of South Texas. This group of experts talks about what works and what doesn’t, about new approaches and how costs are being cut.

11:40 am

Special Closing Keynote: Noble Energy – Delivering Impressive Results in the Eagle Ford

With 45,000 net acres in the play after acquiring Rosetta Resources last year, Noble Energy is bringing enhanced completion techniques and tighter lateral spacing to South Texas. The Noble-designed completions have delivered some of the most productive Eagle Ford wells ever completed.

  • Chip Rimer, Senior Vice President, U.S. Onshore, Noble Energy

12:00 pm

Conference Adjourns

Agenda content and timeline subject to change